Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Me han enviado este reportaje ¿Lo harías?

Here is the path to this beautiful mountain retreat. The final destination is absolute beauty but the requirements for getting there and back leaves a bit to be desired!

First - Lets take the tram up to the start of the trail.

Now follow the path.

Be sure to hold on to the "railing"

Keep an eye on the person in front of you.

Be very careful when passing someone going in the opposite direction.

Now just up a few steps. (they are on the left in the picture)

Gets a little steeper here - so put your toes in the holes.

What's with: A few more steps to go.

Finally in sight.

The view is amazing and breath taking, but it's not worth trek for me!

(And they probably don't have a beer at the top)

Yo, frid, no lo haría.

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